Bear in Backyard

I had to put this video up because this bear was caught wandering around where my girlfriend used to live.  To make things even more interesting is that in this video there is a dude that is so busy texting that he accidentally runs into the bear as it is cruising around looking for food.

Cutest dog tag ever has the cutest dog and cat tags ever, they look like a California Driver’s licenses.People always ask me where I got them from.Thought I would share the website.

Below is my dog wearing a tag from


The correct age of your pets

We have all be told that to figure out the correct age of our dog and cats is to multiple their age by 7.  So by this rule, a three year old cat would be 21 years old and a 4 year old dog would be 28 years old.  It’s simple but is it accurate?

According to researchers, that is not accurate for both dog and cats.  Dog and cats are also not the same so the same formula should not be applied to both pets when trying to figure out there age.  So how do figure out how old our pets are?  I will tell you.

For Dogs:

A one year old dog is equal to a 12 year old human.  A two year old dog is equal to a 24 year old human.  If your dog is older than two years old, then for every year after that add four years for every year after that.  Hope that make sense.

So here is an example, say you have a 5 year old dog.  A two year old dog is equal to 24 years.  The remaining three days is multiplied by 4 years which equals 12.  24 plus 12 equals 36.  So your five year old dog is 36 years old in human years.

The chart below will make calculating your dog age a lot easier.

For Cats:

As we said earlier, cats and dogs are biologically different and so are their age calculated in human years.  For cats, a one year old cat is equal to a 15 year old human.  A two year old cat is equal to a 24 year old human being.  For every year after the second year, multiple that number by 4 years.  So after the first year, calculating a dog and cat age become similar.

Below is a chat for calculating your cat’s age:

Absolutely cute puppy

Priceless photo of a cute puppy in his or her pajama.  I am guessing this cutie pie is a girl based on the flowers on her pajama.  I don’t think any mom would put white flower daisy on a boy dog.

LOL defined

LOL is the abbreviation for laughing out loud.  It is based on those words that we put together this site.  We are seeking LOL pets pictures, videos, and stories about the crazy and funny things that our pets do.  All pet owners believe that they have the cutest, greatest, funniest, prettiest, and talented pet.  We talk about our pets as if they were our kids.  We have pictures to show off and tales to share.

Well lets share those tales, pictures and videos of our pets for everyone to see and enjoy.  Let’s rate and talk about each other’s pets.  In the days to come, we will be posting funny and LOL Pets for everyone to enjoy.  The site will not be limited to cats and dogs.  All pets are welcome.  We do not discriminate.

Hello world!

Welcome to LOL Pets!  A website features funny pictures and videos of your favorite pets doing crazy and funny things.  The site will also feature lol stories about pets.  It’s going to be a great place for pet lovers to share funny and interest stories about their cute and wacky pets.